This piece is appropriately titled “SWORN OATH.”

Aligned with the same mentality on which the overall “sworn to us” brand name stems from; we rely on ourselves to persevere no matter the situation. This graphic highlights a few things we battle with on a daily but choose to push through. From self-doubt, failures, anxiety and more — we find ways to use the negativity as fuel to ignite a fire we intrinsically possess.

That’s been a promise to ourselves from the start.

It’s an oath we’ve taken amongst ourselves as a team and family. 

We’re here to invite and motivate others to switch their mentality from negative to positive and remind them each time they see this graphic or wear the items themselves.

There’s no reason why we can’t all win. 

Whatever it is in life — if you want it, go after it. 

Our SWORN OATH capsule collection is available this Friday 4/1 9AM PST. // #sworntous

Capsule Features:
Sworn Oath Tee // Black 

Sizes: S - 3XL 
Price: $44
Sworn Oath Tee // Forest Green 
Sizes: S - 2XL 
Price: $44
Sworn Oath Tee // Chocolate 
Sizes: S - 2XL 
Price: $44
Sworn Oath Crewneck // Black 
Sizes: M - 2XL 
Price: $80
Sworn Oath A-Frame Snapback // Natural 
Price: $50
Sworn Oath  A-Frame Snapback // Forest 
Price: $50
Sworn Oath  A-Frame Snapback // Black  
Price: $50