From the meaning behind our logo to our mission statements, we stand by them fully and express that in everything we do.

Our logo is hard to miss - the large Signature Slashes behind most products, but we realize that most people do not connect the dots as to why they are there. What do they mean? What do they stand for? It's not surprising that a lot of people have not made the direct connection but hopefully this piece breaks it down.

Sworn To Us' Signature Slashes are large, bold and imperfect. These signature slashes leave their mark in everything made in order to demonstrate the willingness to be bold, take risks and be seen. Each slash is by no means perfect - with tears, distress and imperfections, nothing produced has been a clean "cookie-cutter" idea. It takes back and forth discussion, testing, sampling to find the best possible product available. Once that item is created, it gets this stamp of approval to demonstrate the hurdles it took to create. Each piece is worn with pride knowing it did not come easy.

This message translates not only in clothing, but in work.

Sworn To Us - Work Fucking Harder

We do what others don't and work when others won't. The goal, of course, is to work "smarter" but we aren't afraid to roll up our sleeves and start from zero. We feel that starting from the ground up ultimately helps shape us to become better at what we do since we understand every aspect of it. We know hard work will get us to where we want to be, but ultimately consistency is what will keep us there. 

Sworn To Us - Inspire The Uninspired

If we can motivate others to follow their passions, then the overall "sales" don't matter to us. We're more than a clothing brand - we're a group of brothers who constantly push and motivate one another. We instill this same emotion to everyone who does end up purchasing an item from us while making sure to provide the best quality garments and high-quality purchasing experience. 

We want everyone to know we're no different than the person reading this - we just decided to take the leap of faith and put in the work. What's holding you back?