The next installment for Sworn To Us: The ‘Sworn Oath’. For those who don’t know, we were built off a brotherhood of individuals who vowed to no longer take shit from anyone. Whether it was someone trying to belittle our dreams and aspirations, or simply facing doubters day-by-day, we used this frustration to fuel something bigger inside. From the brand’s inception, we vowed to do things one way – OUR way.
In life you have choices: you can live life on cruise control, sit on the sideline or you can ride against the current, take #NoBullshit from anyone, and create your own wave.
We all breathe the same air; we all have the same 24 hours a day - what separates us from others? We take #NoBullshit from anyone and simply
Work Fucking Harder.

This capsule collection will be available Friday May 27th at 9AM PST, exclusively on