Ownership or specific roles within our brand don't define us. What truly matters is the foundation of our brand.

So, what sets us apart from those of you reading this?

The answer: Nothing. No accolades, no fancy business degrees, no financial wizardry. We're more similar than you might think. First-generation Mexican and Salvadoran-American kids trying to make something of themselves. Like many of you, we couldn't stand the idea of working for someone else and building their dreams. What helped set us apart from those facing the same situation is our unmatched work ethic and mindset, which stemmed from our cultural upbringing. From a young age, we all understood that nothing comes easy, and we learned how to handle failures and negativity pretty quickly.

So what’s the real story?

We grew tired of complaining and hoping for change. From starved paychecks to crazy schedules, we recognized our limited control over these issues; but we could control our destiny. And so, we started this brand’s journey with nothing but optimism and a willingness to work. No name, no plan, no roadmap – just straight determination. Unable to leave our day jobs immediately, we hustled it out, working from 9 to 5 and then turning to our “nightshift” grind. We realized that the only way out of the situation was to take a risk and break free, so we did just that. We turned that frustration into action.


We quit working on someone else’s dream and began working on our own.


Without investors, loans, or family inheritances, we bootstrapped our venture. With a few hundred bucks, we legitimized the business, allowing us to buy wholesale and partner with a local printer. Fortunately, that printer was willing to support us as a small client and grow alongside us.


With our product in hand, a simple Shopify website, and relentless effort, we went live. We exhausted all avenues, reaching out to family and friends, leveraging social media, and more. And at the end of that first month, our hard work paid off and we realized we had something real on our hands.

But there was a catch...

Soon after, we faced legal issues that threatened to derail our business. This took a toll on us, both financially and mentally. But we had no choice but to pick ourselves up and refocus. During this tough time, our bond grew stronger than ever, like true brothers, motivating and inspiring each other to keep going, work harder, and stand our ground. This experience remains a huge part of our brand's ethos to this day, embedded in our 'Work Fucking Harder' mantra. We understood that maintaining this mindset would fuel our momentum, making our business more successful, profitable, and, hopefully, inspiring others.


Why does this matter?


From the very beginning, we knew what we wanted. We understood that nothing would be handed to us, so if we wanted something, we had to outwork everyone else until we reached our goal. In doing so, we've inspired others and supported those around us through our spirit and work ethic. To us, this is more fulfilling than selling any product.

We’re hustlers by nature, motivators by choice. We’re proof that you don't have to stick to a traditional mold to achieve your goals; however, none of this happened by itself. We’re a brotherhood built off trust, honor and hard work. If one of us makes it, we all make it.


We are

Sworn To Us.