Who “owns” this brand or who “works” for the brand doesn’t really matter. What matters is what this brand was founded on.

What separates us from you reading this here?

Nothing. No awards, no masters degree in business, financing - nothing. We’re actually more alike than you may think. Like many, we couldn’t work for someone else, build their business, reach their goals and still be miserable Monday through Friday. What separates us from the masses who deal with this same issue is our work ethic. We know that nothing comes easy and nothing will be handed down to us so the only way to reach your goals is to put in the work for it.

So what’s the real story?

We got tired of complaining and expecting things to change. From low salaries to overworked schedules, we knew we couldn't control much of that but we could control our future. We decided to start this “brand.” No name, no plan, no roadmap - just some optimism and willingness to work. None of us could afford to immediately leave our day jobs so we hustled it out - working our 9-5 then working our 5-9 (which truthfully turned into a 5pm-12am). We decided that the only way to get out of a miserable situation was to simply take the risk and get out - so we did. We got together and turned our frustration into work.


We quit working on someone else’s dream and began working on our own.


With no investors, funding, loans, mommy and daddy money, we figured it out. We scraped up a couple hundred bucks to legitimize the business and that’s when it became real. We were then able to purchase items wholesale and connect with a local printer. Luckily for us, that particular print-house was willing to take us on as a small client and build with us.

With our production in-hand, a simple Shopify website and a ton of hustle, we went live. We over-exhausted our efforts by reaching out to family, friends, blasting our social media, etc. but by the end of that first month, all our efforts paid off.  After seeing what we were able to achieve in a short period of time, we knew we had something special on our hands.

But there was a catch...

Shortly after that, we were hit with legal issues that almost put a hole in our entire business. This damaged us financially and mentally but we had no choice but to pick each other up and refocus. Blood couldn't have made our relationship and bond any closer during that time. We became real brothers motivating and inspiring one another to do better, work harder and not take shit from anyone. That experience shaped the mentality of the brand to this day. The ‘Work Fucking Harder’ tagline became something we maintained day in and day out. We understood that if we could continue with that mindset, the momentum would grow and our business would become more successful, profitable and (hopefully) inspire others.

Why does this matter?

From day-one we knew what we wanted. We understood that nothing is going to be handed down to us so if we really want something, we would have to work harder than the next person until that goal was met. In doing so we have been able to inspire others and help those around us simply with our spirit and work ethic. To us, that has become more gratifying than selling any product. 

We’re hustlers by nature, motivators by choice. We’re proof that you don't have to stick to a traditional mold to achieve your goals; however, none of this happened by itself. We’re a brotherhood built off trust, honor and hard work. If one of us makes it, we all make it.


We are

Sworn To Us.