We love to be as hands-on with every project as possible.

There's a huge satisfying feeling knowing that you were able to turn a mental concept into a physical form. For that reason, from concept, design, sourcing and sampling, everything gets ran through our HQ in Los Angeles before ever hitting production. This process tends to extend product launches and call for unexpected delays but we would much rather take that chance knowing we can guarantee our quality.


We're not afraid to roll up our sleeves.

There are times where the work itself becomes labor intensive. Something that we can easily outsource to any production or finishing house is something we sometimes decides to tackle on our own. This helps us maintain quality assurance and allows us to work on our time. Customer experience is huge for us and we can't always rely on a third party to hit our deadlines. Whether it's early mornings, late nights or weekends, we make sure the job gets done.

No detail is too small. 

It seems that alot of businesses are overlooking crucial details that add value, not only to a singular piece, but to the business as a whole. From hang-tags, trim and packaging, we make sure that each piece feels as special as the last. That gratifying feeling of opening a fresh new garment and throwing it on is something we thrive for. We take alot of time developing our items so we only hope that the customer, our family, enjoys it just as much.