Like all great stories and designs - it all begins with inspiration.

We take inspiration from everything around us, people, places, current events, colors and more. Our design team takes all these ideas and compresses them into a concept and narrows the idea down to a single design. 

Sworn To Us Design Team Mood Board Creation

Mood Board Creation

Utilizing a wide range of references, our design team hones in on a design by utilizing physical print outs and digital mediums to find the right message and end result. 

Sworn To Us - Colors

Colors. Colors. Colors.

We are extremely detail oriented so when we can not find a garment in a desired color, we make sure we create it. Utilizing a PFD (prepared for dye) version of our signature heavyweight hoodies, comparable to that of Champion's Reverse Weave, we take these garments to our local dye-house in Los Angeles and work with them to create the perfect shade we are looking for.

Sworn To Us Sizing

Size Matters

We make sure each design is sized out correctly on each garment. The last thing we want to do is sell ourselves short by cutting corners.  Sworn to us Samples

Sample Everything 

We have gotten into the habit of sampling most all our production in order to avoid any unnecessary roadblocks. 

Sworn to us - Styles


Prior to every shoot, we hold an internal photoshoot in order to lock in the styling we are going for. From shoes, bottoms, headwear, accessories and more - everything needs to be dialed in. 

Sworn to us - edit

Final edits

Once everything is dialed in and we get our shoot done, we make sure the edits are consistent with the overall look we are envisioning. This ranges from selecting photos with the best composition, attitude, and/or lighting and take it to Adobe lightroom and get everything perfected to our specs. 

The result?

A new release and promotional rollout. 

Passion & Peace.

Available Friday 2/7 9AM PST