Sketched Rose Satin Jacket Inspiration

With the recent success of our Sketched Rose Stripe Tee, we wanted to find a way to give a new life to that particular design. To start, we brainstormed which silhouette we felt would best fit the design. With the Fall season approaching, we knew it had to be an outerwear piece. Wanting to create something we have yet to do, we chose a new style - a satin bomber jacket silhouette. This piece features a 100% nylon satin outer shell with a polyester brushed tricot lining. 

Placement & Sizing

Once the body was chosen, we needed to then figure out where this particular design would lay within the jacket itself. Once we figured out position, we played with sizing and brainstormed techniques — heat transfer, silk screen, or embroidery. After discussions we decided that embroidery would fit this piece best. 


An often overlooked detain within apparel is trim. Trims are used to generally enhance the beauty of certain garments (i.e., ribbons, ruffles, etc.). In our case, we traditionally use unique neck-labels that vary within bodies as well as bottom labels with our signature "WFH" reminder. 

Here we decided to go with the full neck-label sewn directly between the garments lining and under layer. 

Sample review

With our sample now in-hand, we are able to pick apart the embroidery technique, thread color, stitch count, placement and sizing.

Embroidery Technique

The embroidery technique used was a direct embroidery with a tear away backing. While some may use patches, we felt this would give the product the end result we envisioned during our design process. 

Final decisions

Once everything approved, now it's time to choose options. 

Our Sketched Rose Satin Jacket will be available Friday October 5th

Colors: Black, Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver

Sizes: S - XXL

Price: $90