While everything and everyone seem to be at a standstill, we’re still pushing to stay creative with even less resources readily available to us — but that’s never stopped us before. Take an inside look as to how we develop our upcoming mineral wash shorts.

Color selection is very important to us.

We want to make sure the colors we go with fit our aesthetic and are consistent with other items we have in our catalog.

Overall fit & sizing

We need to make sure that the garment we are putting out has a specific fit and feel that is in-line with what our customers are used to. Like many of our bottoms, these fit right at the knee with a relaxed fit. 

Design and Sketches

We love to play with ideas and handmade sketches. We're able to pull from these "doodles" and turn them into a potential design thanks to tools like Photoshop.

Digital mock-ups

Once we settle on a design, we do out best to create a realistic rendering in order to see what these items will look like on-body before ever getting into production. This helps us avoid costly mistakes in the long run.

Graphic sizing and grading

Just as important as the digital rendering is to see the design to scale. We print out various sizes of the graphics and place them directly on the garment in order to properly provide our printers some true specs to reach. Additionally, if there are any changes that are required as the size of the garment grows, we're able to see those first hand -- the last thing you want is a tiny graphic on a 3XL or a huge graphic on a size Small. 

Final touches

Once everything is dialed in, we give the garment a "test-drive" with the design taped onto the piece in its correct placements. This gives us the best visual of what to expect before running production. 

As the saying goes, "Measure twice, cut once."