Growing up in LA...

...with immigrant parents, sports were inevitably a huge part of our lives as it created an escape from the hardships we faced. Lakers, Kings, Dodgers, LA Galaxy — just a few of the teams we grew into as a culture.

For us to be able to work alongside such an iconic club we grew up on to create this collaborative capsule is surreal.

Being able to pull inspiration from nostalgia and create these timeless graphics is a true blessing.

None of this would be possible without the support of you all here.

From simply liking and commenting on our posts, viewing our reels or just hitting that follow button has allowed us to reach new heights with organizations such as the LA Galaxy — so THANK YOU.

Inspired by a culture of traditions since ‘96.

Our SWORN x LA GALAXY capsule will be available this Friday 9/9 at 9AM PST.